Shea Stella has a proprietary style of painting which she calls Dance Art. Dance Art is a process whereby Shea places the canvas on the ground and dances the painting with her feet, often finishing the piece  with some paint drippings made to the rhythm. Each peace is related to a particular song. The colors and movements of each painting are influenced by the corresponding piece of music.

Shea calls her most recent series of paintings Impressions of Stardust.  We leave an energetic impression everywhere we go which is preserved by the eternal rain of stardust which falls from the atmosphere.  Though these impressions may seem invisible, they can be revealed by the cosmic breath and are recorded in the Akashic records.

Shea has always had a passion for dance and was inspired to create paintings which visually represent the impressions she leaves when she dances – which she does with much passion and joy. When she started mixing painting and dancing end results are abstract paintings which are energetic and colorful. 

Shea Stella was born and raised in San Francisco. She went to UCLA and studied chemistry and philosophy. Throughout her life, Shea has turned to dance and art as creative outlets for self-expression. After graduating UCLA, she moved to New York where she was able to produce her Impressions of Stardust series – part II is in production.

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Shea Stella

Shea Stella