Finding Myself in Dance

When I dance, I pray – even when I am getting freaky with it.

I feel the rhythm, it moves through me creating an impulse that propels me through space with energized motion. When I dance, I charge my body and the atmosphere around me.

When I create a space for dancing, I am creating a space of transmutation where I can elevate my lower emotions such as fear and self-doubt into higher emotions like joy and self-love. It is an altar upon which I develop myself by doing what I love and loving what I do.

When I dance for a painting it will only turn out if I am able to get into my zone. The state of being conscious of my dancing, the music, and my painting - thinking of little else, just as one does during meditation. I have been a bit destructive by talking on the phone in my studio, a habit I must break. It’s important for me to let go of the thoughts of the world and become absorbed into the moment. There is a creative state of consciousness where one is mastering one's craft whilst quieting one's mind which creates a channel for a creation come through.

 I have been dancing since I was old enough to walk and it is a refuge for me. When I am depressed, I dance. When I am happy, I dance. When I am confused, I dance. When I feel ugly, I dance. When I feel beautiful, I dance. When I hate my body, I dance. When I love my body, I dance. When I am lost, I am always found in dance.

Dance has never failed me and I honor its place in my life by dancing my paintings. These paintings are moments on the altar, impulses of transmutation, and visions of a better future.

If you can talk you can sing, if you can walk you can dance.